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 Artist - Ruik Sicignano
Ruik has been tattooing for 19+ years and piercing  for 15. He excels in custom artwork, 
       professionalism and his customer service.
  He has worked and traveled the country from
  coast to coast. He specializes in cover ups, re-
    colors and is always ready for a challenge.  

Artist - Troy Radecki

Troy has been tattooing since 2003 and has

been piercing since 1996. He has worked at

     Edge Tattoo , Turnpike Tattoo and

  Darkside. Troy excels in the illustrative

style and new-school, but he does a little bit

                of everything as well.

  Not only is he an award winning piercer,

    but he is also an award winning artist. 

Artist -Joshua Spaulding            (Squirrel)
Josh has been in the industry since he got out of
highchool. He did his apprenticeship at Atlantis
 Body Arts in Milford and started tattooing in
2010. He then worked in various Tattoo stores in
the area, until he found a home here &  He strives
to put out the best possible artwork and tattoos
 he can, by growing more and more every day. 
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